I began baking at an early age with my grandmother. I noticed she was happiest whilst in the kitchen baking sweet breads, pies and of course, cookies. I was amazed at how she would create the most delicious pastries without as much as a cookbook or a simple note. Back then I considered myself her little, “sous-chief”; dicing nuts, measuring ingredients and switching on the large stand-mixer and watching all those ingredients churn together with the promise of another mouth-watering dessert.      
Today, along with those fond memories, Grandma Stella Cookies lovingly makes classic cookies and modernizes the recipes to enhance multiple taste profiles and textures with a sophisticated twist by adding modern dimensions and textures to standard recipes. We start by gathering the best ingredients; Swiss chocolate, New Zealand butter, walnuts and pecans from America, and begin building a batter that is allowed to rest for an extended period. While it chills, magic is happening - starch will hydrate and enzymes in the flour and egg yolk breaks down the carbohydrates into simple sugars - rounding it all out to a mellow sweetness. To obtain different textures, we may mix different types of flour and introduce brown sugar or molasses to white sugars.
Although my grandmother has long passed, today I bake in the same spirit as she did so many years ago. I hope my cookies bring you as much joy as they did me when I made them.




Grandma Stella Cookies

Story behind Grandma Stella Cookies